Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Well, it's Sunday. I know a lot of people that decide to rest on this day and take it easy and I think I may be doing the same. Yesterday was a day full of school work for me, so I didn't get out and do my run or any other fitness work.
I'm feeling a bit worn down lately and I'm hoping that it gets a bit cooler tonight so I can run and feel invigorated. I've read a few articles where it has been reported that those with asthma shouldn't run when it gets too cool out because it can trigger their asthma, but I find it to be the opposite for me. I tend to breathe better when I run in the cooler weather. I do know that you have to do a little more warm up before going out so your muscles don't cramp up and you don't hurt yourself, but my warm up is usually a brisk walk before I begin to run or some air squats prior to leaving.
I know there isn't anyone on the other side of this computer reading just yet, but eventually I'm sure there will be. So, if you do read this, feel free to let me know how you change your work outs and warm up routines according to the weather...

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Have a great Sunday, cause Monday has no mercy. lol

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