Friday, March 9, 2012

A NEW WORLD RECORD.... (now with photos!)

In the most slack ass fitness blogger you have ever met. lol But I was featured by Shira Miller at "The Lighter Perspective" in January for my weight loss and how social media has helped me maintain. You should read it. Just to be nice to her. She's cute and super sweet and really REALLY smart. Plus, she updates WAY more often than I do.
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't presume to be a real blogger. I'm just someone who likes to share info and my success and tell it to the world when I've failed, had a set back, or just screwed around too much.
That's what today's post is. I screwed up. I haven't posted since December 29, 2011. That's a long time ago. Well, for some anyway.
"So Sinner, where the f*ck have you been?" You may be asking. And yes, I'm aware that there is only 1 of you. That totally makes this apology SOOOOOO much easier and much less embarrassingly painful. I have once again allowed life and other stuff to get in the way of something that I wanted to do for myself. Among those things were birthdays, school, another house in foreclosure,winning cool sh*t on Twitter and blogs, fighting children, stress, a mini-vacation and what some would call just generally being me.

Photo cred to Saw the photo and was filled with a sense of kinship.

"Foreclosure, you say? Again, you say? What does this mean?" Well, some of you may know that my family and I moved into a house last January only to find out in early March that it was in the final stages of foreclosure causing us to relocate amidst my daily chaos. Then we moved into a house that had to be almost completely redone, as far as paint goes. Lest we all suffer from chronic going home induced migraines courtesy of the most horrifying paint choices EVER! Now, here we are in March and we were the proud receivers of yet another screwing by the landlord of a property we can only do so much with. Oh well, I'm not gonna let it drive me to a breaking point like the last one almost did. Just gonna pay my bills and do the mom/wife/student/generally all around awesome thing that I've been doing and deal with crap as it comes up.
Fetus giving the middle finger.
More photo cred to for the unidentifiable eff you baby. 

"I read up there ^ that you said winning cool sh*t from Twitter and blogs. What is that all about?" This may be a version of another question all 1 of you may or may not have. Well, you already know, but for anyone else who may accidentally and instantly regret pleasantly stumble upon this posting (whether you use stumble upon or not doesn't matter) I'll explain. See, I have this addiction to free stuff. You may also notice that I suffer from a debilitating disease known as competitive as hell. Now, if you know these about me, you already know that I have a tendency to try to enter to win any and almost all free stuff that takes me less than a few minutes and is free. In doing so over the last few months I've won a total $75 from a twitter giveaway, compliments of Serve via their #FundMyFriday and #FundMyHolidays promotions, I won a "Dude you're a Barista" shirt from Samsung through another promotion. (When compared to the Galaxy SII phone I was trying to win, it's not so fancy, but it's MUCH less likely to get lost or flushed down the toilet) I won a shirt from Map My Run for submitting a photo of a part of my running route, and most recently I won a Jungle Gym XT Suspension Trainer courtesy of that cranky ass life coach/blogger via her cranky ass fitness blog that I effin LOVE!!!  Not too shabby, huh? Oh, I also won some super cute "Whore Boots" from Michelle over at Rage your way thin (this link takes you to the giveaway post). This chick is awesomely and super enthusiastically pissed off almost all of the time and I effin LOVE HER for it! She's hilarious and you should definitely read her tweets, cause you'll pee yourself with laughter and find out you aren't the only one with a desire to poison the water cooler at work with Xanax just to see what happens.
Those are the boots I won and I love them, too.

Now, there WILL be photos of said suspension trainer in a post eventually. I just have to gain enough trust in the grip of my children to hold my overpriced phone long enough to take them during my training. It's either that or subject you to unfortunate zoom in shots of video of my butt and boobs for my husband to take the crappy quality video with his $10 pocket video camera. One way or another, there will be a post about the system, dangers of it, what TO and NOT TO do with it and my feelings (aka a review) about what it has to offer.
This would be a NOT TO DO for ANYTHING! 

So, there are my excuses, apologies and plans for the hopefully near future. (and hopefully near means within 5 days or so, but don't hold me to that.) I also have a couple of posts that I agonizingly wrote by hand during a 2 week loss of Internet connection that I will put up and post date and you can laugh about, since there are plans in those that I failed at, too. :) <---- That's a sarcastic smile, it just doesn't convey well via Internet.

OH! And I may wanna put some attempt toward video blogging, or vlogging. What do you think? (I still hate the word blog)
K, peace out, fitness scouts. Go have an adventure and lemme know how it turns out!