Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Accountability: Next item on the endangered list?

Being a full time college student and mother has it's ups and downs, but one thing that seems to be constant in both is accountability and lack thereof. I read a post on a non-fitness blog today that made me a little upset on someone else's behalf. Essentially it all came about on and because of face book (possibly read as "the root of all evil") and people not thinking before they speak and act in an internet forum. It all falls back on accountability. I know what you're (I'm, since I have exactly 0 readers as of yet) thinking. "Well, Sinner, that's all well and good, but this is a fit blog, right? What does that have to do with this?" Well, let me just tell you...
I have a friend who is an obsessive fitness freak and a gym owner that I love dearly. He's recently gotten into fitness hardcore, despite having a personal trainer certification since 2007. He's working toward his own goal in body building and tends to get quite angry when he hears, reads, or experiences excuses as to why people didn't, don't or can't work out. Sometimes this makes me wish he lived closer so I could strangle him and explain that his OCD isn't universal, but other times I see his point.
The above blog entry overview is no different, as it all falls back on accountability. We are all accountable for our action, inaction, words (spoken or written), and how they are perceived and received. Unfortunately we have no control over the latter, but we can soften the blow a bit by owning up to them all. We can't rationally rely on someone else to be the ones that hold us accountable for what we do or don't do. We have to do it ourselves and be honest about it.
So, I ask you... Do you hold yourself accountable or do you expect someone or something else to do it? Do you expect the scale you step on religiously to check your progress to tell you when you've slacked off or back slid? What about the tape measure? Neither of them can tell you that you've over/under indulged or that you've fallen behind on your goals or exercise, YOU have to do it! Some of us are lucky (unlucky?) enough to have friends and family that will assist in this area and nicely tell us that we're overworking ourselves or overdoing it on the desserts or that it's been a few days since they heard about us working out or since they saw us at the gym. Others of us have friends and family that aren't as concerned, whether it's because they don't realize how serious you are about your goals or because they don't want to hurt your feelings. When you have a situation like the second one, you are the one who has to give yourself the talk. Sometimes out loud like a psychiatric patient, but that's alright. As long as you say what you need to feel and don't come up with invalid excuses and it gets you back on track.
Today is the best (and every) day to reaffirm your goal and modify your routine and get back on track to wear you want to be heading.
Where do you want to be heading and where are you now? Do you need accountability assistance or someone to talk smack to get you moving? I know I have days that I do. And that's alright, let someone know that you do, you never know how big your cheering section is until you look for it.

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