Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loving me some nuts! I'm a guest blogger, now! Go look!

Greetings from a land far far away I like to refer to as "Slackerville." It's been a while, yes. I have a laundry list of reasons and excuses, most of which involve some rendition of school, exams, kids, working out (Best one on the list, honestly) and just a lack of writing motivation. While I've got a phone application on my Android FULL of posting ideas, today I grace you with self-plagiarism.
I recently had the chance to guest post for one of my favorite blogs and under threat of internet death for reasons any Cranky Fitness reader would know, you should go look.

Now THOSE, up ^there, are some tasty nuts!

I regail (is that how you spell it? My spell check is being a buttwad) you with 4th grade prepubescent boy humor and giveaway some free shit. It's borderline healthy free shit, but it's friggin tasty as all hell. They're peanuts, but not the typical buy in the grocery store at $.99 for 3 bags kind of peanuts. They're huge and juicy-ish and mine were SPICY NUTS! I'm telling you, they're awesome. And if you live in the U.S. or have a US mailing address, you can win some for yourself. I'm going to put up a copy of what I wrote for Crabby McSlacker and her blog, minus the edits for it to be on her specific blog, so no worries if you're a link-leery net paranoid beginner. If you're not one of those leery people, you can just click THIS: You're gonna LOVE my nuts!
So, stay tuned, and while you're at it, get off your ass and MOVE! Have an adventure, play hop scotch, knock on a neighbors door and make them the victim of an unsuspecting game of freeze tag circa 1986. I don't care what you do, but DO SOMETHING!
Have a great day, all! And as always, Go have a damned adventure for crying out loud!  


  1. And who doesn't LOVE some spicy nuts?? Spicy nuts are my FAVORITE nuts...

  2. Indeed, my friend. I love spicy, as I am quite spicy. And nuts are just awesome. I'm both of those, too. lol