Thursday, December 29, 2011

No resolutions, just photographic reminders

I refuse to make resolutions. I think of them as a way to write down all of the awesome you want to plan, but will inevitably fail at completing. Instead, I will post photos of things that remind me (and hopefully you) of where I am and where I plan to be going over then ext few months of a hopefully ENTIRELY different year. (Cause for f*** sake, I can't handle another one like this.) So, here it goes. *Note: many of these are on the web or found on, so there's where the photo credit lies for them.*

Now, instead of making "New Year Resolutions" make yourself a promise. Promise you'll run that extra 3 blocks every week until you hit that next mile, or you'll do those extra reps every few days so you can hit that pull up goal by a certain date or that you'll substitute at least 3 nights each week before you opt for dessert and you'll choose the healthier of your options for it. No matter your promise or your goal, make it attainable, but make it modifiable as well. This way when you reach it, you can always make it a little bigger or stretch it a little further to be ever evolving and ever improving.




  1. Wow, that's a crapload of inspiration all in one place!

    And thanks for the reminder to revisit my resolu... er, promises to myself. A couple of them need some extra attention, I'm already slipping a bit!

  2. Thanks, Crabby! I too needed the reminder. I appreciate you reading and commenting. I figure there's no such thing as too much when it comes to inspiration or reminders. I'm going to have to print every freaking one of these and put them up on my walls to remind myself a little more often.

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